4th year student seeking position in NJ

Several members have expressed difficulty connecting with quality hearing professionals to add to their team. The following is some background on a 4th year Audiology student seeking a position in NJ. 

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Note: This student originally reached out to Board member Leslie Herman who had just recently hired a new audiologist for her practice. Impressed with the enthusiasm and potential of the candidate, she offered to help connect her with another member who may be looking for someone. Please contact the Association office for her contact info (njahhp@gmail.com) if interested in interviewing her.

My name is Carrie R.; I am currently a fourth year student from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. I am completing my externship at Liberty Hearing Center in Brooklyn, New York. My path to Audiology is not the common story. I grew up with constant ear infections, which left me with a curiosity of how the anatomy of the human ear. As a high school student, I decided that a job in the health field was right for me. That idea is what led me to Lamar University because of their nursing program. It was in a campus visit that my interest was for Audiology originally sparked. Since that realization my focus has been on the advancement towards my Doctorate in Audiology.

The externship program at Liberty Hearing Center has been an incredible experience. It was a very fast paced setting with access to all realms of audiology. I was placed at multiple locations throughout Brooklyn, NY that tested a wide range of demographics. My experience at Liberty Hearing Centers has made me well prepared for my career as an audiologist. While in the program at Lamar University I was placed at plenty of Ear Nose and Throat sites within the Houston, TX area. The last clinical site as a third year student, Texas Children's Hospital West Campus, gave me the confidence to work with children. My previous placements at ENT offices gave me the knowledge and skill of hearing testing in a busy setting.

I have learned much from my clinical placements and courses throughout the program and as an extern. I am passionate and prepared to help hearing healthcare have less of a stigma along with giving care to those struggling with hearing loss. I anticipate the future for accomplishing my goals. I would love to have your clinic site be the start of my career. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Carrie R.