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NJAHHP members are dedicated to your hearing health. Our members listen to your concerns and offer you the best possible care!

The New Jersey Association of Hearing Health Professionals is the oldest organization representing hearing care specialists in New Jersey. Organized in 1960, the organization exemplifies honesty, fair practice and professionalism in fitting hearing instruments. We provide for the educational and advisory needs of our professionals to better serve the hearing impaired and their families.

NJAHHP Officers:

Ed Regan BC-HIS, ACA
NJAHHP President

Ed has been in the Hearing Health Field for over 15 years.

Achieved the designation of Audioprosthologist after being board certified. Ed owned his own practice in New Jersey and has been a consulting Audioprosthologist for the last 8 1/2 years. This allows him to serve a wide variety of patients Keeping New Jersey first. He has been instrumental in procuring a seat on the New Jersey Task Force for the Hearing impaired. 

Ed was elected President at the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Hearing Expo and continues to pursue the greater interests of the hearing impaired.

Nicole Estevez, Certified Hearing Aid Dispenser
NJAHHP Vice President


Nicole is a New Jersey Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser specializing in adult hearing aid services. Nicole has her Associates Degree in Hearing Instrument Science and Deaf Studies, and provides aural rehabilitation for the hard of hearing.  Previous to joining HearUSA, Nicole practiced in Cape May and Cumberland Counties.  After serving as an NJAHHP Trustee, she was elected as Vice President during the 2017 General Membership Meeting.  Nicole also co-chairs the Silent Auction during the Annual Conference in the Spring.


Sharon A. Stoor, BC-HIS, ACA
NJAHHP Board Secretary and Education Chair


Sharon A. Stoor, BC-HIS, ACA has specialized in fitting hearing aids, aural rehabilitation, and counseling since 1986.  She received a BA in Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences from Douglass College, is Nationally Board Certified, and completed coursework through the American Conference of Audioprosthology. Throughout her career, Sharon has been an instrumental  part of a pilot program on digital hearing instruments.  She has also been in charge of training and education of new hearing aid specialists. Sharon is committed to enhancing the communication abilities of her patients through education, advanced hearing instrument technology, and quality patient care. 

Richard S. Jemal, HIS
NJAHHP Treasurer

American Hearing Centers

Ricky was elected to the board of the NJAHHP in 2020, which he is now serving as Treasurer.  He has been in the hearing instrument industry since 2008 and is employed by American Hearing Centers where he travels to most of their New Jersey locations. After comprehensive evaluations are performed, Ricky's focus for the hearing impaired includes selecting and demonstrating of the latest technology.




NJAHHP Trustees

Daniel Berke, HIS
NJAHHP Board Member, Past President

Ahrens Hearing Aid Center

Daniel Berke earned his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from the University of Buffalo in Buffalo, NY. After working as an engineer, Daniel decided to join his family’s business in late 2008. Together with his mother Catherine Ahrens Berke, Daniel began transforming the business and enabled Ahrens Hearing Center to transform and grow while maintaining a level of service commensurate with principles of patient care established by Robert and Nancy Ahrens in 1968.

In 2011 Daniel earned his license to dispense hearing aids in NJ and in 2012 was elected as a trustee to the board of the NJAHHP and the board of the Broadway Improvement Corporation (for the betterment of Fair Lawn’s Broadway business district). In 2013, he was elected as president to NJAHHP and continues to work as part owner of Ahrens Hearing Center in Fair Lawn, NJ.  He is also professionally trained on the proper design and installation of IEC certified hearing loops.



Joseph Diefenbacher, BC-HIS
NJAHHP Board Member


Joe works as NJ and PA Area Manager for HearUSA.  He was elected to the Board during the 2017 NJAHHP General Membership Meeting. 


Simon Rubin, HIS
NJAHHP Board Member

American Hearing Centers

Simon’s first experience with the hearing health industry was when his mother decided to be fit with a hearing aid for her left ear after she was diagnosed with a hearing loss.

After noticing the significant improvement in her ability to understand and communicate at home and at her work place, he met with the hearing care specialist who had helped her in her journey for better hearing and decided to enroll in the Hearing Instrument Science program at Rowan University. 

At Rowan, Simon was trained by industry leaders who helped shape him into the professional that he is today. For his dedication and academic excellence, Simon was nominated for the Hearing Science Academic Award. He graduated Rowan University in 2016 as a member of the Dean’s list and the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

In January 2017, Simon began working at American Hearing Centers as a trainee under the guidance of Tom Higgins, who is the former president of the International Hearing Society. Later that year, Simon passed the New Jersey State Board Exam and became a Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist. 

Today, Simon helps hundreds of people improve their quality of hearing and quality of life. He is extremely passionate about educating people about the consequences of untreated hearing loss and aspires to treating his patients with the utmost professionalism, compassion, and dedication.

Laura R. Sannino, HIS
NJAHHP Board Member 


Laura came into the hearing health industry in 2016 while taking American Sign Language courses at her local community college. Her professor of Deaf culture recommended that she look into it and thought she'd be a great fit. Soon after, Laura was working for HearingLife as a trainee under the supervision of Sharon Stoor, BC-HIS, ACA. Under Sharon's guidance Laura went on to pass her NJ State Board Exam and became a licensed Hearing  Instrument Specialist.

Laura works for HearingLife's mobile clinic that services patients that cannot get to a clinic for treatment such as nursing facility and assisted living residents all over South Jersey. Having been born with hearing loss herself, Laura tries to always bring not just empathy, but also fellowship to her patients.

Stephanie Sanzari, HIS
NJAHHP Board Member and HADEC Chair

American Hearing Centers

Stephanie joined the Board in 2019. She is a NJ Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, New Jersey. Stephanie began working as a Front Office Administrator and enjoyed the industry so much that she decided to become a Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser. She adds a personal touch to all of her work, creating relationships with each of her patients. Her goal is to make sure that all of her patients understand the importance of wearing their hearing aids properly and to educate them as much as possible about their devices. Stephanie's enthusiastic and friendly personality makes any visit an enjoyable one. She finds it to be extremely rewarding to be able to give the gift of hearing back to her patients on daily basis.

Deborah A. Seidner, MMSc., CCC-A, FAAA
NJAHHP Board Member

Audiologist and executive level Professional and Practice Development Specialist with a history of both private practice, and corporate business growth within the hearing health care & dental industry. Experience in clinical audiology, hearing aid sales, patient and community outreach, patient retention and practice building. Skilled in Coaching, Public Speaking, Sales, Medical Devices, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, and Business Operations. Expert at motivating and training professionals to improve upon their technical skills, patient experience, practice growth & efficiency, resulting in exceptional revenue growth, simply by touching and improving more lives, with better care. Audiological professional with a Master of Medical Science (MMSc.) focused in Audiology from Emory University, School of Medicine, in Atlanta Georgia.